Monday, October 18, 2010

Position: 819-0013

Alishan arrived at Fukuoka.
We are now at position:
Ehhh, Yes, that's the Zip Code.
Ehhh, No, we don't know how long we will be here , but for now the only Movement Alishan will make is Going Up and Going Down with the Tides.
Wow, so great to see all our friends again. And all those familiar places. Remember, the first time we sailed into Fukuoka was 21 years ago, so this is indeed our place.
And you should see Nori and Wakame, they went through the fly-screens to re-explore their play grounds where they grew up.
2 more bicycles were bought, so Melissa and Edwin have wheels.
The calendar is fully booked with welcome-parties, sightseeing, hikes, visits to sento's and other things people do in Big Cities.(eating good food of course....).
Hmmm, when can i do the laundry....?

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  1. I at Langkawi now so what can I do
    if I sailing to Okinawa would u tell me a best way point