Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, the JCG did spot us in Hirado, with a team of 4 they came to Alishan to..... right....:
Haha, I had them fill out the forms for us ;-)

Hirado is always nice, okay, a bit touristic, but there is a lot to see ; small streets, old houses, temples, churches, gardens, a castle, a great museum and not the least: A Superb Hot Bath, on top of one of the hotels, (boys 9th, girls 10th floor) The view is overlooking the Hirado Straits. You have to go there yourself and soak in the hot water to believe it.

Anyway, we made a move again and are now at MADARA.

33° 33' 932 N
129° 45' 900 E

A new place for us, so: Here we go and explore,


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