Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Indeed we had a great time at Fukue as we met up with some nice people. Of course a lot of time was spend in front of the computer making that HP update, but we did find time to go for bicycle rides, runs/hikes and bird watching.
The Grand Final at Fukue was the Minato Matsuri (port festival) with a final Big Bang Fireworks Display right in front of Alishan.

Yesterday, the trip across the pond, about 50 miles. The wind was mostly from behind, something between 5~20 knots. Great sailing, but hey...It's cooling down. So we were wearing long pants and a second layer over a T-shirt. Feels funny!
Alishan is back at the same spot at Dejima Marina. And yes you can keep an eye on us again as the Harbor Webcam is working. See our previous blog last month http://syalishan.blogspot.com/2010/09/nagasaki.html

Tomorrow we will drive to Fukuoka to pick up Melissa and Edwin...then we all get ready for Nagasaki Okunchi Festival...
Google that one so you know what we are gonna enjoy ;-)


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