Sunday, May 2, 2010

SufferBig Bay No More

All in all, we did have good time in SufferBig Bay, with all our new and old cruising friends. And yes, it was nice to be alongside a pontoon again, for a while. Ask Nori and Wakame...
But.... the Noise and Dust....
PI has a "name" to be cheap. Well that's for sure not the case if you stay in the (falling apart) marina. And SB Immigration and Customs also wanted their share of our bank account... Okayokay we have been spoiled by Malaysia where marina's are for free or just cheap and I & C don't need extra pocket money.

Alishan left SB Bay yesterday and is now heading along the NW coast of Luzon North. We will make a few stops before jumping the Bashi Channel.
The race with the Sun is still on;-)) About 600 miles to go line.
Weather? Well right now very little wind (land-sea breeze) and calm seas. Yes motor sailing (again).


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