Friday, May 21, 2010

Hualien Adventures

What's happening here?
Well, first of all, we are mobile. Eh?
Yes, we scored some really nice bicycles here in Hualien.
According to the stories, Taiwan is one of the better places to buy a GOOD bicycle. So we went to town to find out. Indeed, and even after a short survey, we agreed and cycled back to the harbor. And the beauty is, these bicycles are soo light, it's a charm to handle them on and off the boat.

Hmmm, only our bums are complaining right now.
What else? Well, yesterday we rented a car for the day, so at sunrise the crew of Tweed and Alishan drove to the TARAKO GORGE. Years ago, Marijke and I had walked the gorge (from top to bottom), now it was time to do it a bit more comfy. Again we enjoyed every turn in the road~river~mountain trails.
Some of the big differences with last time : More digi pictures were taken (over 300!) and +++ buses with mainland China tourists were overloading the place. Luckily, they "don't do mornings" so it was only at the final part of our trip that we had to share the views.

Beside some small boat projects, we enjoy the food, the fruit, hmmmm yummy durian, the people, the scenery, the cycling & running and birding.

Alishan will be in Hualien for 1 more week, then if the weather is good, we will sail to Ishigaki, Japan.


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