Saturday, May 8, 2010

At Green Island, Taiwan

Friday, late afternoon when we had just passed Bashi Channel, the wind changed from SW to NE in a matter of minutes.
Pffff, that was bad going in choppy seas, so we headed for Green Island, only 10 miles from our position at that time.
It was pitch dark, but somehow we managed to find a spot to drop the anchor in nice calm waters. AND had a good night sleep.
Next day, Saturday, it was still blowing from the NE, so No-No-Go. And the sky was gray...finally some rain after months of none.
By 11 am, our friends of sy Tweed hailed a passing dive boat, and the divers told us it would be okay to take Alishan and Tweed into the harbor. So we did...after one of the divers helped us clearing the anchor chain.
Thank you Vincent Yu!
Have a look at his site: The name of his dive shop is: AIRFISH, great name, great people.
Clearance by the officials here at Green Island was all a charm, very friendly and efficient officers.
The weather forecast looks like we might and will enjoy this place for a few days more.


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