Monday, May 3, 2010

At Abagatanen

Never heard of the place?
Well we hadn't either till the wind turned too much on the nose (NNW) and we needed a hidyho for the night.
16 degree 09.728N
119 degree 45.762E
We had left this morning from
15 degree 28.769
119 degree 55.351
with a nice SE wind that died after a few hours to come alive again from the wrong direction......Oh well, one day.
This is a pretty bay and the very friendly and cheerful local people are keen to meet us. And to sell us some stuff: fish, banana, mango, life chicken and even a monkey, ahum. Hopefully the weather is good tomorrow morning and we can make the last 25 miles to Bolinao.

Oh yes, almost forgot: yesterday we had Mother and Child Sperm Whale alongside Alishan for a while...Marijke was able to take some "close up" pictures...sorry you'll have to wait till we have internet again.


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