Thursday, May 6, 2010

In Basi Channel

As of 06:30 Friday morning we were at
21 degree 06.5N & 121 degree 05.7E
All is well on board of Tweed and Alishan.
Winds are light, puffing from the SSW. Finally the wind arrows on the Gribfiles are correct!
We are motor sailing, doing over 7 knots. Heyhey, that's some current out here.
An other 175 miles to Hualien and so it looks like
we have an ETA: Saturday PM
Of course if the conditions stay the same.
By times we see some dolphins and BIG ships.
Otherwise not much wildlife.


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  1. Goeie vaart,
    ik zit al op het werk en jullie zussie blijft een dagje ziek thuis.