Thursday, February 28, 2013

This and That in Feb

February is known to be the coldest month in Fukuoka.
But as you can see @ some of the pictures here below....
there are nice days as well.

It's now our 29th year of being "house less".
First 19+ years on board of Jan Haring an now almost 10 on board of Alishan.
And we still like it...even in winter.
Especially here in Meinohama Fishing Port..

Fisherman Shota shouting: Hey Yap, do you want some kombu? 昆布

A few boats further it's Ma-chin...offering us a nice fish.
Yes we are well looked after.

And we too look after our host posting this picture.
You think of it what you like...

The Nishi Nihon Newspaper, a biggy here in Japan, is of course always on the look-out for Stories.....
Somehow they had spotted Alishan.

And like other years, we had to celebrate 3 birthdays in a row.
It's the 23th time to do so.
 The first time we met Paparin was in 1989 during a pre-race party for the
Auckland-Fukuoka Yacht Race.
(that's how and why we came to Japan).
Ever since, Paparin has been looking after us ever, hence 
He is our Paparin. 
82 years young.

A few days later it was time to invite Mena for a meal.
(read more about Mena   HERE  ).

And then we had an other birthday in the family, 

Sister Noriko.
(to Nori and Wakame aka Tante Prik).
So, again a party meal on board of Alishan. 

......see here how creative Marijke's cooked-food art has become...;-)
(btw, it's aubergine with xyz sauce and some andive).


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