Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's White?

For sure ski resort Kiroro near Sapporo is white!

As we hadn'd done any slip-sliding-on-skies for 7 years,
 it was time to pick up this wintery habit.
(after all, it was one of the reasons why we came back to japan after 4 years sailing around in SE Asia).

Together with running buddies we jumped on board of an very early morning plane and flew to Hokkaido.....
Just a few hours later we made it to the ski-slope
for a few warm-up, ahum, trial runs.
And indeed we both said:
" Oh yes, this is fun, now i remember" 

The first 2 days , as you can see, the conditions were lousy,
but what the hack...

At the top with Marijke, Yumi, Noriko and Kotake san (aka Mr Mt Blanc).

But....on the last day the sun came out
 and see here some shots-in-white.

Hey,.....where is every body....??


Our hotel wayyyy down below.
Yes we could have slip-slided right onto the front door steps.


Here comes Marijke: just 1 day fresh in her new year,
 & showing off skills like a young rock-star.


Say No More...

some blue in white




Yes, it was a Great Long Weekend in White.
Thank you team!
Of course we couldn't leave Hokkaido
with-out eating a decent portion of spider crab.


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