Saturday, February 23, 2013

Black-Hairy-Mountain, aka Mt Kurokami

After that boring run under & along the Fukuoka City Express Way,
it was time go Nature Again.
This time in Saga Prefecture.

Signs at the start of the trail...
of course it needs some japalengish reading skills,
but now we know.

We followed the brown line in the left bottom corner of the picture here below.

We decided to take it easy this time as some of us were in a recovering mode after a 100K run ( Well Done Noriko!!).
and some of us were suffering from a running nose.... 

The trail had lots of tree and plant markings.
This plant is named: Neko no chi-chi  
(cat's boobs...)?

Today's team; Noriko, Yumi and Ohara

 Parts of this mountain area is so different from what we see here in and around Fukuoka.

Some steep sides indeed.
Hmmm, volcanic ??  
Super, there should be a nice hot-spring waiting for us after the climb!

Waiting and waiting.
(while the great view is behind them).

We made it, time for a snack.

At the top: In case you are lost, there is a map of the area.
This part of Saga is famous for its pottery, hence the map is also made 
"china style"

And indeed there was a SUPER hot-spring at the bottom of the mountain.
I took some close ups of my fellow bathers...
Hihi, see what happens if your camera is still outdoor cold (5C) 
and inside the hot-spring it's close to 35C.

Well that was a fun hike & a great soak.
Of course it was followed by some good Saga food.
(+++ vegetables).



  1. Those uphill hikes are really brutal. I'm going to be doing one this weekend and have no idea how I'm going to survive.

  2. Hi Tom, don't'll make it. It's just like going to the dentist...there will be a moment you'll walk out of the door=down the hill. Any Hot-springs in your neighborhood? Have fun...
    And thank you for your comment. yap