Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sailing to Japan

For you out there that are following this blog AND are thinking about sailing to Japan...:Hot and better news regarding the 
CRUISING PERMITS foreign vessels need.
Zoeff over 

On an other note...
Mena is back in Town!
Well known to many overseas cruisers from the past.

Over the years, Mena has been helping out manymany  yachts that made a stop here in Fukuoka.
The last year she herself became a yachty...
all the way in Sunny and Hot Palau.
(we don't think she'll stay here for the winter....too cold to her liking)

Anyway, just to warm you up: The Why.....


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  1. Please say hi to Mena for us. We met her in Palau and she visited us when we came to Guam. Pauline and Mark Blasky, SY Sari Timur