Monday, November 26, 2012

a Trip to the US of PAE, part 3

Remember the Why of this trip to the US of PAE?
Right: Our Nordhavn Research.
And did we see a few!
Outside & Inside.

a 55

a 47

an other 55

a 62

 a 46

a 43

again 55...
And there was a 68, a 76 and three more 62's.
How many exterior-interior-miles did we do all together?

And what do you think Kazuya?

Nope, it's not a show-room at the Fort Lauderdale BoatShow...
Just an average engine room inside a Nordhavn.

Yep, i can see myself looking after one of these baby's.

 Men need beside Boats also 

Wow, do these portions come huge...
This small sateh-set was on the menu for 2 persons...
we couldn't finish it with the 4 of us!
btw Marleen....zie je de spruitjes ??

Ahhhh, a first for my Japanese friends: Baked artichoke. 

Shrimp ....and avocado guacamole... 
By the bucket!  

A Cinnamon Roll Noriko and i always talk about during our early AM runs....

Of course couldn't leave the States without having eaten a burger...
Here with a salmon filling...

Fresh notable Kumamoto Oysters...
Tasted as good as in Nippon.

Even a small size crab dish was huge....
and yummy. 

Now what's next?
Looks like we're heading for winter, temps are dropping by the day. Gales after gales are visiting us. The heater is out of the box, Nori and Wakame are living on our laps....
But after winter....
there should be spring!


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