Thursday, November 1, 2012

Esther Did It Again, part 2

In my last post Mt Unsen was mentioned.
So, a few days later Esther got in charge to take us to the mountain for an overnight-er.
(Nori and Wakame had to defend Alishan, no worries).

Mt Unsen got well-known for its eruptions in 1991...
(it was during our first stay in Japan).
We remember that event as when we were sailing with Jan Haring along the west coast of Kyushu (on our way down south), we could see Mt Unsen spitting and smoking  from farrrr away.

Mt Unsen seen from the start of the trail.
(it was walked the next day).
And.....the weather was perfect, again.

The hiking trail is along the west side of Mt Unsen. 
The volcano is for obvious reasons still off-limit.
(Don't cross the yellow line!)

Marijke had phoned birding friend John...
and indeed he was keen to join her for that first afternoon.
They both scored some great pictures.
See Marijke's Wing 'n Things

This is a view into the valley that was formed during the great eruptions in '91.

So much autumn...neh.

This fellow sits here already a while, 
He keeps a look out onto the volcano.....

....while we enjoy an other great sunset.

And there she goes..

 All three of us had a good night sleep and are ready for an other day of outdoor stuff.

While Marijke took possession of the small pond in the Azami valley all by herself....,
i did the hike...

Funny trees, growing at a 90 degree, away from the rocky wall.

Here almost at the top of this part of the trail...
See that rocky part..??
(it's the other side of the yellow line).
There used to be a valley before the Big Boom of '91...
Smoke and steam still comes out of the mountain at many places. 

Ohhh, autumn....

Mt Fugen, next to Mt Unsen.

Red arrow points to Mt Unsen.
Had we come this way by Express Road...
...the home run was made via the west coast
along the Ariaki Sea...
A famous stretch of road....

Famous for all the crab restaurants...
Of course we had to check that out !



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