Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter is still Kicking

Beside a very comfy home, ALISHAN has not much been used for On the Move the last 4 months. And it doesn’t look like she will make a move soon.
Yes, it’s already mid February and …No, not too much is happening.
Hmm, is that true?

Of course things are happening in our lives and around us, neh.

A few nasty cold days with 30-40 knots of wind and snow made it clear that spring aint here yet. But as mentioned in our previous blog: It can’t be far away now.
Like us, Nori and Wakame are enjoying the odd day with sunshine.
Take today: 95% blue sky and zero wind. It must be super on the mountains out there with skies tied to your feet.
Ahwell, maybe next winter if our bank balance can handle it…..
Marijke was able to buy a new camera, (Nikon D 90) so a warning goes out to all of you: More Great Pictures are on the way. BTW, here we like to thank all of you for your kind words we always get when a new HP update has been published. It’s fun to travel, little fun to write about it, but SUPER fun to get your replies.

Mean while , Jaap is doing the odd ABC class and getting involved with boating and boat license study;-)

Sadly enough, the other day we had to drive to Nagasaki to say goodbye to our friend Takagi (see also HP Q3 2010). A warm feeling came over us when we met Mum and the kids Sawamura .
Salute our friend.

Takagi with Mum and Marijke, 9- 2010

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