Monday, February 28, 2011

Made a Small Move

Yes, a 0.3 mile Move.
Alishan is now in our old corner of the harbor.
One of the boats got sold and the manager agreed with us that we should take that possy.
And it's good as we now have a H2O and decent AC connection. Things that make life easy, neh.

Well, what else?
The weather has improved somewhat, mind you we are now heading for more rainy days.
But we have had some really nice sunny days, see how Nori and Wakame appreciate the rising temps.

More and more blossoms are sprouting and birds are making Moves as well.
Moves as well?
Bad news arrived and we have to fly to Holland this month to see Mum. Jaap is going first and when he's back, Marijke will go. Taking turns solves the cat "problem".

Our friends Jon and Pam of sy Tweed will Move this week into the Inland Sea and sy Sea Rover has already Moved towards Okinawa. Pfff, we will be lonely with no more overseas cruisers around us.

Last week we went for a short drive in the country and stopped at one of the zillion temples. This one has a nice front.

That's all for now,


  1. alles OK bij jullie na de tsunami ?? groet Erik en Ernie

  2. Heb nog geen contact gehad.Alles OK?