Sunday, January 30, 2011

Outside Temp 0.5 degree C, Inside Temp 6 degree C.

At least that’s what the thermometer reads in the mornings when we dig ourselves free from all the blankets.
It looks like we are having one of the colder winters here in Fukuoka.
( see the heading of this Blog).
Aren’t we lucky?
Like today: On and off some sunshine and the odd snowflake on the deck. And it’s blowing a solid 25 knots from the NW. But with 1 kerosene heater on full blast the inside of Alishan soon reaches the mid-ten temps. And if we run the generator and switch on an extra electric heater…it soon feels like we’re back in the tropics. That’s good.
Jan Haring, our previous boat and home for 19 years was build for colder climates, with a well proven insulation layer on the inside. Alishan doesn’t have that sort of insulation, with a nasty result that beside the low temp, we also have a lot of condensation, esp. in the lockers.
Ahwell, only a few more weeks of shivers and drips….

After all, we did spot some plum trees with blooming blossom….,
So spring can‘t be far away…..

Marijke got an other number for her age, that event was also celebrated with a meal at our one and only local Taiwanese restaurant were we feasted on some of our favorite dishes. Of course in company of Jon & Pam and Mena.

The days are filled with some small boat projects, some birding, the odd run and yesyes a little bit of J.O.B. And of course keeping ourselves warm.

BTW, by times we have to "fight" for the chair.. as Nori made it his winter sleep-possy.


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