Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Winding down at El Nido

Still in El Nido.
Last Sunday we had a nice day out in the bay. We took Alishan for a 5 mile spin ( it was way too windy and choppy to take the dinghy) to Pinsail Island. There is a hong and once inside (with the dinghy)'s indeed like a cathedral. Magic. Jon and Pam (sy Tweed) came along for the ride and we had a good time. Pix will follow.
The NE monsoon is kicking. Yesterday here at the anchorage we had a stronggg NE blowing with a couple of nasty bullets on top of it. Those bullets ( gusts up to 40 knots) are locally made by the 200 meter high cliffs here direct next to us.
Monday and Tuesday were "hot" days here in El Nido as it was Fiesta Time. Lot's of things to see (dances, boat races, etc), eat, buy( plenty of second hand clothing stalls) and gamble. That last thing is maybe the most important thing to do for the people here. Young and old.
One evening one of the local restaurants curried some crabs for the crew of sy Tweed, sy Lightfoot and Alishan. We had a good wise and talking about...sailing to Japan (yes, all 3 are heading that way).
The weather forecast tells us the wind should be nice to us from Friday on. So Alishan is gonna move again.


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