Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coron Town

Alishan is at
11 degree 59.2N
120 degree 12.9E
The trip up here was not a sweet one: Plenty of salt water over the boat due to 30+ wind and nasty steep waves between the islands.
The name of the town is Coron, which is NOT on Coron Island, but on Busuanga Island.
Here we met up with sy Tweed. Jon and Pam took an other route from El Nido to come here: There are so many islands and bays to explore in this part of the Philippine Islands. BTW: quite a "famous" sea battle did take place here in WW2, and so there are plenty of shipwrecks to dive on, hence town is full with dive shops and tourists.
And the good news is: It looks like we are gonna miss TD 02 (Tropical Depresion # 2).
Oh yes, from now on we are keeping an eye over our left and right shoulders for formations of TDs/typhoons. Daily SMS weather updates (telephone) and gripfiles(radio).
So, some days here for laundry, diesel, fruit & veggies and sight seeing, incl a trip to the fresh water lake on Coron Island.
Then probably via the west coast further North.

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