Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ditaytayan Island

The Race is on. The sun crossed the equator and chasing us on our way North. Who will be first at 23 N Lat??
But now Alishan is at anchor at Ditaytayan Island.
11 degree 43.8N
120 degree 06.0E
This is a private island. The owner lives in Manilla (we were told) and the only people hare are the caretaker, his wife and helper. And can you believe it? The place is loaded with birds as there are plenty of trees etc ( thanks to the owner's care and wishes to preserve the island AND it's surrounding coral).
SO, Marijke is happy. Already she spotted many new firsts, even some rare birds.
The trip from our last anchorage was an easy one, very little wind (of course on the nose)and the seas were okay. Since yesterday it's back to 20~25 knots. From the east. Plan is to move to Coron town tomorrow. Just under 20 miles. Hopefully we will have internet again and read all your emails...
And yes, Marijke is in between the birding working on the new Q update...


  1. Ziet er op CMap uit als een interessant eilandje. Maar wel een beetje knokken om er te komen tegen de NE in!

  2. Bijzonder dat je op zo'n klein eiland nieuwe vogeltjes tegenkomt omdat de fauna op eilanden meestal beperkt is. Maar er zijn wel andere grotere eilanden in de buurt...