Monday, March 8, 2010

El Nido

Yesterday afternoon, Alishan arrived at El Nido.
It's a "must-stop" for world cruisers...
11 degree 10.0N
119 degree 23.5E
And what a beauty this area is.
It's a mix of the Bay of Islands (NZ), Phang Nga Bay (Thailand) and the Inland Sea (Japan).
We already had ticked those, so now the collection complete.
The nite before we stayed at Jack Sparrow's hidy-ho: Pirate Hold. A 360 enclosed pond. (11 degree 56.9N, 119 degree 19.2 E). An other great place here in Palawan. Sad is that the bird population is so small...must be cose of the hungry people.
Fish, well we do see them jumping by times. AND...turtles are spotted almost daily!
It looks like Alishan will stay at anchor here a few days. Internet is zoooming on board, and the shore is inviting us for walks and exploring. Also, for a change there are a few more cruising boats around us, so we gonna be socializing!


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  1. Looking good Alishan - we are in Port Barton and heading your way. We might miss you again but nice to get your posts until we catch up.

    Cheers, Michelle and Graham
    SV Lightfoot