Monday, February 22, 2010

Left With A Bang

Alishan exited Malaysia with A BANG.
That last small Malaysian fishing boat, just 70 meters to the right of us, dropped a dynamite stick.
A loud bang and a huge waterspout as result. And oh yes, a very few! fish came up...belly first. Fisherman happy, he has something to eat for his wife and kids. But nothing is left behind for his future grandchildren. Silly, Silly. We know dynamite fishing is "common" practice in the PI, but it seems it is a cross-border thing these days.
But overall for us: Bye bye Malaysia, thanks for your hospitality. Hope to sail you seas and rivers again.

Yes we are in the Philippine Islands.
Had a great trip across. The 40 odd miles to the first anchor spot (at the top of Balabac Island) was a fun trip. Nice breeze,smooth seas and a clear sky above us. We (motor)sailed the whole way in 1 tack, doing 5~6 knots.
And today Alishan moved to:
8 degree 16.34N
117 degree09.67E.
So far we only have seen nice white beaches, cute palm islands and clear water... Indeed, we can see the anchor in 15 meters of water! Days are hot, but nights are definite cooler!
The plan is to work our way further North via the west coast of Palawan.


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