Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kudat No-More

Indeed, Alishan is On the Move.
We left Kudat this morning and (motor)sailed 25 miles direction North.
7 degree 10.0N
117 degree 03.5E
Our Pit-stop stay in Kudat took a few days extra(doesn't it always). The main reason was of course the still strong NE wind. But there was also Jaap's birthday. Well-celebrated with Joaquin & Claudia ( crew of sy Lucky Lady), Pepe( sy Argo) and Joancho (sy Pip, what a name!). For us it was a special treat having other cruisers around us again. Marijke showed her skills with cake, fruit punch and the making of a silly hat for the BD boy. Even Nori and Wakame enjoyed all the company on board of Alishan.
Then, one day as we went ashore to have some lunch. What a Timing!:we ran into Steve & Gayla (sy Ariel) and David & Heather (sy Milliways).They had rented a car for the day and had driven from KK. Wow, that roti lunch took >> 2 hours...heaps of talking and laughter.

Kudat's Chinese New Year celebrations were ,for us, minimal. Spoiled after our CNY in Penang 2 years ago. But they like to shoot nice fireworks in Kudat. Alishan stayed in the "pond" next to the golf course. Great golfers out there, we didn't get a single hit.

The weather forecast for the next 2 days looks good. The plan is an early morning start tomorrow (Monday) and we should be in PI waters by afternoon. Will update from there.


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