Friday, February 12, 2010

Alishan did make a

Last Wednesday, the weather picture looked okay to make that jump.
So early morning we left the anchorage, motored a few miles to cleaner water where jaap went over the side to clean the 1 inch thick layer of shells from the propeller. Off again...just to find NNE winds with a uncomfy chop. NOT a good start for a 250 mile trip to Palawan.
So we turned around and dropped the hook again, same spot.
Wind reports for the following days were no good, and a "new" plan was born.
Thursday early we left Sandakan for Kudat area ( of course, of course, now the wind was from the SW, but very light), motorsailing brought us to some islands (Tagipil islands) were we spend the night. Here we got company from some sea-gypsies who were very happy with our fresh veggies, rice, band aid and cookies. Each boat had papa, mama and for sure a couple of kids....Plenty of dried fish for the swap. (no thank you). Just big happy smiles is enough. ( pictures will follow).
Yesterday woke us up with yesyes, piping NE winds and we flew the 40 miles to Malawali Island.
Today we'll sail to Kudat ( need to stock up our "lost" supplies) and again look out for a weather window to sail the 70 odd miles to southern Palawan.

Chinese New Year this weekend: GONG CI FA CAI to you all.


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