Thursday, February 25, 2010

At Quezon

Alishan just dropped anchor at
9degree 15.6N
117 degree 59.6E

AND it's blowing heaps!. So much that we probably won't be able to go ashore today and explore Quezon, our first Palawan town. (the wind is gusting over 30 knots from the E, the bay is full with white caps). Ah well, we have enough to do on board. Hmm, should we have continued further N?
Yesterday was a great day for On the Move. Some nice sailing, wind 15 knots from the E later from the SW. Only a few miles of no wind, the Yanmar was there to help us out. We had anchored about 10 miles from here. Our Cmap navigation charts are very inaccurate. Pfff what a puzzle to find a good spot to drop the hook. Plenty of unmarked and/or wrong located coral shallows.
The fishing is poor....too much sea weed for the trolling line. The locals solve that problem by dynamite fishing Banggg. At one stage we passed a healthy looking but dopy travelly bopping along the surface. Probably missed by the Bang Boys. SAD.
Tell you later if we made it ashore.


1 comment:

  1. Great progress Alishan. Lightfoot in KK and getting a service on the engine before following your trail.

    Lovely to have your comments and notes in front of us though look forward to a shared anchorage if and when that happens

    Graham and Michelle on Lightfoot