Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Zig-Zagging Down the River

Alishan made a whopping 20 mile run Downstream. Helped by a 2~3 knot current it was a quick trip.
BUT not so easy as we had to slalom around BIG logs. With all the bends in the river the flow of river junk went from left bank to right bank, so you can imagine the "fun" we had. Too bad we were going a bit too fast to enjoy the river shore. Hence we dropped anchor again near the oxbow lake at:
5 degree 40.2
118 degree 23.2
Definite we can notice that Alishan is closer to sea again: Cooler sea breeze and a twice daily tide. Mind you, due to the rain, the water is still "fresh". Good for bucket showers.
This AM we took the dinghy across the lake. Such a magic place. On the way back, we met local Bob, who had been emptying his fish traps and was keen to sell to us.
Guess what we have for lunch.


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