Monday, January 11, 2010

So much noise in Sandakan

Alishan returned to the City, now at anchor in front of the Sandakan Yacht Club. ( location: see previous Update).
This after 2 months of peaceful Kinabatanga River Jungle....
WOW, what a shock to the system.
City Noise!
Exiting the river went well. This time we used the North (west) passage, much shallower than the S(east) one.
We waited long enough for High Tide, which was at the time when we crossed the bar 1.4m above chart. This bar is at least a few miles long! The least we saw on the depth sounder was 2.2m. Alishan's draft is 2.1m. A bit nerve wrecking indeed as there was a bit of a chop as well.
Only once we ran aground and that was still INSIDE the river, as silly Jaap was cutting corners. No problems as the bottom of the river is veryyy soft.
So, here we can do some "serious" shopping again. And of course go for a run. Where are my shoes?
Oh and there are a few kilo's of laundry waiting.
But hopefully there is also some time for hanging around the yacht SYC's swimming pool.....if the weather turns sunny;-)
And yes, we do have Internet on board, so that Q4 update will come very soon. Will let you know.

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