Sunday, January 3, 2010

Alishan made a Move

Yes we made a Move.
Not much though, only 2 miles, downstream. The trip took 30 minutes;-)) Still at the outskirts of Sukau Town.
We didn't want to go further as yesterday (Sunday) was the "every Sunday once a month" market again. And they had durian....

The first day of the year had more water in the air than in the river. Did it RAIN! And boy is everything "wet". Alishan's deck starts to look like a golf course: nice and green. Yes it is time to head for salt water again!
But we want to go downstream slowly , stop a few days here and there. So more Nikoning to do.

Indeed, here it is a different way of waking up: Being "called" by gibbon and elephant noises instead of the mosq.

Ahha, and we are busy of course making that Q4 update. But it looks like you'll have to wait until Alishan is back at Sandakan as only there we can have a decent Internet connection again. Hmmm pictures...??? Too many to choose from.


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