Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Day Out

Yesterday was My Day Out.
And it was so brave of that taxi driver not to complain about the Plenty Decibels I produced during the 30 minute drive (I hate cars!)

Anyway here is where we all went (beside Wakame who had to keep anchor was a windy day).

Does it make sense to you?

Right: I was due for my yearly flue shot.

See that silly orange bag? Well, that's the cat-transporter, I already managed to destroy half of it.
Marijke is talking 'bout the shots....brbrbrbrr

After the shots they wanted to me to do a circus trick. Soo easy!

Holy Mouse, I lost weight!!

On the way back I had enough energy to produce even more decibels, stinking cars

Back on board Wakame was happy to see me again, we shared a bowl of cat biscuits.
Marijke and Jaap think they will be a few more days here in Sandakan.

Miau for now,


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