Monday, April 24, 2017

Bike and Hike to Nijodake in Itoshima, Fukuoka.

About 25 K to the west of our Alishan is

A wee mountain, a bit over 700 meters above sea-level.

I have climbed Nijodake more than 10 times, but always using the trail coming from the the south-side.
This time i parked the bike (after cycling those 25 kilometers) at the start of the hike, near the seaside.

Soooo Japanese!
This map is showing "facing direction",
and thus in this case: North is South (down).

Can't miss the start of the trail.

Well, and what a nice surprise: 
This trail is truly awesome. 
Well maintained and just a charm with a cool stream next to it.

Half way, i met this happy family.
Enjoying snack-time before continuing to the top.

The local dam...was empty.
But a small mountain stream supplied healthy clean drinking water.

Who was lucky with the weather?

Back at sea-level, the wheels were waiting and ready for 
a relaxed 25K peddle home.
That was a nice Bike and Hike.


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