Friday, April 21, 2017

Bike and Hike to Kanayama in Fukuoka.

Bike and Hike to Kanayama.

One Sunday Morning in March, 7 AM:

The weather was perfect,
the fish-market was done and
the mountains were calling.
No excuse Not to Go.

It was just an hour peddling with only at the end of the ride a little bit of elevation..
Found a good spot to park and lock the horse.

Always something funny to read..
Never forget your camera ;-)

Nature is so much more in harmony than...

...this mikado of pipes, bars and wire...

Wayyy in the distance is Meinohama with Alishan.
And yes, we can see the top of Kanayama from our cockpit.

The top,  967.5m above Alishan's Floor level.

Here and there still some wintery stuff.

This too is Fukuoka.

Yep that was another nice Bike and Hike.
(BTW: At the trail, i met no more than 10 other hikers).


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