Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bike and Hike to Kaya Yama in Itoshima, Fukuoka.

To the west of Fukuoka City,
 an easy 25 K bike ride from Fukuoka Tower, lies 
Mt Kaya.
Due to its shape also known as Little Fuji.

Lucky again, the weather was perfect for this 
Bike and Hike adventure.
After an hour and half peddling we arrived at the base of the hill, 
parked and locked the bicycle.  

A local notice board with the map and interesting spots in Itoshima.
Too bad the info is only in Japanese......

Start of the trail.
The hike is really easy, the path well maintained and so,
 the following pictures tell the story.

At the top of Mt Kaya.
(about 250 M above sea-level).
Again, if you know where to can see our Alishan.

One of the temples located at Mt Kaya.

This temple's explanation on 
How and What to Do at the greeting.

Some interesting pictures and paintings can be found inside Japanese temples...

For the return trip back to Fukuoka City we used the
Sunset Road with its famous 
Meoto Iwa
the husband-and-wife rocks.


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