Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Remember summer? It will come again!!

It's winter now:
Days of Sailing in Susnshine are few.

But to keep you warm and tuned:

a link to the Fukuoka Sunset Sailing videos 2014

click here:

Greetings from Hakata Wan.



  1. Perhaps Summer is over hyped?

    We are currently in La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico, but are heading home for 2 months skiing at Whistler.

    (Perhaps best to ask us how we feel about "Summer" when we return to Mexico after our 2 months of snow and cold)

    David & Michelle
    SV Pelagia

  2. Ahoy David and Michelle.
    Thanx for the comment. Good to read you are enjoying the cruising and the skiing. (our yearly ski event will be 4 days in Hokkaido in beginning of March). Sea and Mountains are soo linked. Will you stay much longer in Mexico Waters or are you going for the Pacific Jump...? Take care and hope to Sail or Ski you one day.

  3. We are shipping Pelagia home to British Columbia in May. We like Mexico, but miss cruising home (BC) waters, as well the mountains. So, perhaps we'll see when you sail across to Alaska and BC one day.

    Cheers! David