Thursday, January 1, 2015

And so, the New Year has started with Happy Runs.

For Good Reasons, 
Japanese people try to visit 3 temples
 as soon as the New Year has started.
We decided to do it On-the-Run.

It's just after 5 AM, January 1st.
Our first temple is Kusuda Jinja.
This is the temple so important for Yamakasa.

The Temple Runners.

 It's not only Run and Pray.
Here we have a hot-bite in an umegai mochi.
The major temples (this is at Hakosaki) have loads of
food and drink stalls.
Yes, it's a big event this visit-3-temples-in-the-New-Year.

After our 3rd temple, it was a final 5 K stretch with horizontal snow....
brbrbr, but the hotspring is around the corner....

The next day....

Noriko and i decided to join Mr Sadaike for his amazing 
8888th run!
It's mind boggling how to keep track of so many runs.
And telling you, he runs at least 10K a day...
..that makes a total of at least twice around the world!

Congratulations Sadaike san.


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