Monday, February 2, 2015

Fu Kyo went for her yearly Haul-Out.

Fu Kyo had to go for her yearly Haul-Out.
Hmmm, January and February aren't known for their  
warm and sunny days for cleaning and painting.
But it's the slow season with bookings.

The trailer...It's so Huge.
We can haul out between 3 hours before and after high tide.
And only if there is no swell or not too much wind from the South.
Here too...the hauling out operation will guarantee to rise my blood pressure.

Ready to start the cleaning...
Where is every body?
So funny, with Alishan..
...we hire the people to clean and paint..
But with Fu Kyo...
I "like to" do it my self...
Silly, as she is so much bigger!

 High and Dry on her purpose built trailer.
Yes day 1 was a grey one.

 A few days later:
The cleaning below the waterline is done.
Let the Painting Fun begin.

And again a few days later:
Painting Done.

Hulls cleaning: Done.

The cans of paint that gave me fumes for smiling moments (hours).
(yap remember to use 5 cans next time).

Back in Meinohama Port
Happy and Ready to Sail You.


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