Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moved to Mie

Alishan made a Move to Mie Town. Just North of Nagasaki. Position:
32° 48' 968 N
129° 46' 474 E
This part of the harbor we are at is to be used by fishing vessels (only???) in case of a typhoon.
And there is a Biggy Down Under ( SE of Okinawa) at the moment, but it looks like it will head for Taiwan. Dear friends, take care!
So No fishing vessels now... We are all by ourselves. Sorry, no webcam here, you'll have to use Google Earth.
And what a good place it is to do some varnish work. The great weather is also a good help:
Blue skies, little wind and in the's even chilly in my pyjamas.

We met up with friends from 21 years ago when we first sailed to Nagasaki.
Mr and Mrs Sawamura had adopted us that summer and we did all sort of fun things together with their .....12 kids!!
It is so good to see them again and bringing back all those memories from those days.
Once again we really realize why we like Japan so much, ESP when cruising around by yacht.


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