Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy to be in Fukue

Alishan made a Move due WEST. We are now at the Port of Fukue on the East side of Fukue Island, one of the islands of the Goto Retto Group. Position:
32° 41' 788 N
128° 51' 018 E
This location is alongside the ferry pontoon. All day long many ferries are coming and going, until 7PM: Then we have this place all for ourselves. To park here they charge us a whopping 2 Euro/day, so you won't hear us complain.
While at Mie we had a few nice days for varnishing, so happy that is done.
Today it is the official start of the autumn and yes: It blows half a gale and it's colder than cool we think. Even though the temperature in the cabin is around 25C.....we shiver. But it's great to go for bicycle rides and runs.
Fukue island was a stop for us 4 years ago. At that time we were at Arakawa, on the West side.


  1. Hi Jaap en Marijke
    Marida is in Kudat en het is heet... !! maar de antifouling zit er op net als de anodes.We moeten nog even wachten op de ankerketting voordat we kunnen vertrekken. Weinig schepen hier Heb "Dagon" nog niet gezien.
    Jullie schieten mooi op.Terug naar Fukuoka???
    Hartelijke groet save sailing
    Sytske en Adri

  2.  送られてきた写真を記事にしました。

    アリシャン号から福江のシャッターアートの写真が送られてきました - あくねアート