Monday, September 13, 2010

Castella Town

Well, it wasn't easy to sail away from Akune. So many friends tried their utmost best to keep us much longer...but hey, life of cruisers is to Make Moves and then.

This is even before 6 AM. Akune just doesn't want us to go...

Let go for and aft...but what are all those strings doing up the mast??

The seas were calm, the wind very liitle from No Where and so the 45 miles across were done by Yanmar. The only things we had to look out for were the odd fishing boats, birds and a few rocks. Entering Nagasaki did recall memories from 21 years ago...just a few as the port lay out and the city sky line have changed. And not in a bad way.

The new Nagasaki Port Sky Line...

Alishan is in Dejima Marina...did you try the webcam?

32° 44' 617 N
129° 52' 206 E

Nagasaki is known for many reasons.
Good ones and of course sad ones.
But one is very tasty: Castella!
This cake recipe is not from Holland, ( Nagasaki has a fat dutch history....) as many people think, but it comes from Portugal.
And Satoshi, local yachtsman, has mastered the skill how to make this cake perfect. And we were the "victims" to taste it. Yummy! Thank you Satoshi!

Alishan applied for the next cruising permit. Once we get that piece of paper we make a Move Again.



  1. Hi, We zijn al dik-gegeten door de speculaas ,appelstroop ,patat- met, gevulde koeken en kano's..maar de cake van Satoshi zal ook lekker zijn .
    We gaan het tzt proberen.
    Vliegen dinsdag de 14e september
    terug naar Marida. Hoera!!
    groet .Adri

  2. Alishan on Google Earth

    Panoramio - Photo of アリシャン号のテープセレモニー(その1)

    Panoramio - Photo of アリシャン号のテープセレモニー(その2)