Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ikema Port, a Juwel

It was so difficult to say Goodbye to our friends and to Ishigaki.
You made us really feel At Home Again.
But as it is, Alishan has made a Move to the East. We are now at Ikema Port, position:
24 degree 55.4 N
125 degree 14.9 E
We had one of the Best sails along the NW coast of Ishigaki, flat seas and a nice breeze from the SW. The sun was setting beautifully and the moon came out likewise. Too bad, around midnight it was the opposite: wobbly seas and very little wind from the Yanmar work. We had heaps of thunder to the North of us, but kept boat and ourselves dry.
Alishan will be here, for a short stop, again, and move on towards Okinawa.


The Japan Coast Guards came to visit us here, and one of the senior! officers didn't understand what Country "DUTCH" was. So i showed him the flag we have waving at the stern.
Ahhh, he said: Dutch is French.... ;-)


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