Monday, June 28, 2010

At Aka Shima, Also Known As...

Well, we had the best 24 hour sail since....leaving.... Japan..... about 4 years ago.
Doing an average of 5 knots, not having to use the engine at all!
And funny it was the same passage, but in the opposite direction.
After a super time at Ikema Shima Alishan left Sunday morning for the 140 miles trip.
Wind S, SE, course 060. Calm seas and a full moon at night.
Now we remember how it can be ;-)
It was so comfy that we even had a hitch hiker: Mr Booby travelled most of the trip "sitting" on the pulpit. But at one stage he was resting on the top of the mast! At sunrise he was gone but around coffee time he came back for a few more hours....but getting closer to the Kerama Islands...he decided to go back to sea.

Aka Shima is one of the islands of the Kerama Retto group. It's not the first time we are here...and we love it. It is especially pretty now it is summer: the sea, the islands, the coral, the beaches.....
26 degree 11.3N
127 degree 17.1E

Later this week Alishan will move to Okinawa, a 25 miles trip from here.


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