Thursday, June 17, 2010

Having a Good Time in Ishigaki

Japan's calender is full with "matsuries" = festivals.
We are lucky with being here right on time to enjoy the dragon boat races. Held every year on the 4th day of the 5th month (moon counting).
It is also the final day of the rainy season for Ishigaki area.

And here are the local fishermen teams going.... What an exciting event!

Hmmm, fried rice with squid, including the ink.
Looks.....What do you think?
Tastes...tell you: It's yummy!

Jon and Pam of sy Tweed, our boating buddies since Palawan.
Always in for a new food experience.

And here are the crew of sy Bannister: Hendrik-Jan and Hanna.
They too like the food and the fun

One day we drove the car "all the way" to the NE point of Ishigaki. We had been here before...always in winter, when the NE winds are blowing. Now, in the SW monsoon, the seas
are so friendly. Next week we plan to sail past this point on our way to Miyako Shima


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