Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Daily River Things

Alishan is still enjoying the Kinabatanga River. The anchor has been here in the river mud now for over 2 weeks.
So you might think: What do you guys do all day?
Well, of course there is the daily (sometimes 2x) dinghy trip to go Wildlife hunting with the Nikon....
Usually using our own "wheels". But a few times we have used Ahmad Arsih.
He operates a small tour-bizz with his own boat. He can spot wildlife we would never ever spot ourselves.
Give him a call if you like to go on a tour: 019-8732925 We can highly recommend him.
Then there are the odd maintenance projects on board of Alishan, like varnishing (done), waxing (almost done) and oil jobs ( still have to be done) etc.
And as you can figure it out, it is hot here! So we produce heaps body fluids... and to laundry all those sweat soaked clothes is a daily job. The river is muddy colored, but it's fresh water and smells clean. Mind you, white clothes are a No-No....:

Then we try keep healthy and eat very local food, like here a decent meal of fresh water prawns ( 4 Euro/kg):
And of course sometime in the middle of the day when it's too hot to do anything else:


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