Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting ready for Xmas

Alishan hasn't moved since last blog.
But we have! Especially Marijke as she made a Visa Run (for both of us!!).
Our visitor's visa here in Malaysia is okay for 90 days. After that the easiest way is to jump the border, make a 180 degree turn and come back in. An other 90 days okay. Remember we have done so before (to Singapore, Thailand, Brunei).
From here, in the Northern tip of's not so easy & cheap to do such a visa run.
Now, we found out that we could BUY and extra 60 days visa.
JUST at the Immigration Office in Sandakan for RM50/month/head. Good Deal.
And for sure it beats bumpy busses, noisy ferries, expensive airfares and long lines at passport control.
So last Wednesday Marijke got a ride into Big City Sandakan , spent some quality (waiting) time at the I.O. And got the stamps!
Then off she went to a couple of supermarkets and came home to Sukau loaded with food.
Meanwhile the Cats and I did an Oil & Filter Job for the Yanmar.
When can we have some time to read a book?

The other days? Well, like previous update. Mostly Nikoning for wildlife. Marijke got some great shots.
Oh yes and a few days we had neighbors, sy PEWTER with Leo and Anne from NZ. Great to talk "cruising" again.

The rainy season is indeed on top of us. Still not much water in the tanks, but sunshine is far and little.
What will this year's Xmas song be?


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