Sunday, December 6, 2009

No rain, No shine...oh wait...

Yep, Alishan is still at anchor near Suaku village.
Daily activities?
Yes, dinghy trips to spot wildlife here on the banks of the Kinabatanga River. We also did a night trip and saw amazing owls, active snakes, sleeping kingfishers, hornbills etcetc. And yes there is also plenty of it IN the river: how about 3 meter crocs..brbrbr.
Some weather talk:The last few days were
No Rain (not good for our almost empty water tanks)
No Shine ( not good for a decent solar panel output)
At least the temperature was sort of okay, even went for a few small hike into the jungle...How many leeches you want to know?

Yesterday was the "Every Sunday Once a Month" market. So we are loaded again with fresh veggies.
Hmm, but that beautiful DURIAN didn't last the day. Indeed The King of Fruits. Anytime you can wake me up for some durian.

When i write this, rain is pouring down, at that is good news for showers & laundry.


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