Thursday, March 5, 2009

Similan Islands

8 degree 40.5 N
97 degree 38.7 E
Koh Bangu is the name of the island and it belongs to the Similan group.
It is a national park, 99% marine park, so you have to "do it" in the water.
Alishan is hanging at the end of a mooring line. Right under us it is 15 meters deep and we can clearly see the bottom. And the zillion and zillion fish swimming by.
These islands are very popular for scuba diving, but even for snorkeling it is GREAT.

Yesterday we went for a 4 hour hike over the main island. Destination was a great look-out point, over viewing the other islands belonging to this group.
Underway we spotted the odd monitor lizard, saw some bird and squirrel life and Marijke had a close encounter with a killer bee...but luckily it was no direct hit.
Friends Danika and Sten of Mata'irea where here also for a few days and of course we compared snorkeling notes: More variety than in our fish books !

Tomorrow we will head back for Phuket. Hope today's nice E breeze will help us along.

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