Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ban Thap Lamu

No this is not a Thai food dish.
It is the name of a small village near Alishan....
08 degree 34.1 N
98 degree 13.1 E
The people are very very friendly, hardly speak any English and don't try
to push you a TukTuk, Massage or T-shirts
You should Google Earth this location to see this beauty. Mind you,
the village is NOT beautiful at all, but the location is. We just came back from a
4 hour mangrove dinghy trip.
Tomorrow early we will make the jump to the off-shore islands, either
Similans or Surins.
Depending on the wind direction.
From there on, sniffsniff, Alishan will sail south again.

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  1. Wooow!!!

    Happy (^o^)/

    I'm here!
    and Bi--g news
    I can see you guys soon!!
    Can't stand to wait

    I already sent a e-mail to you

    Love & big hug