Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back to the 4 of us...

Oops, a bit behind with the updates.
Sailor Tom, ehh, Diver Tom, ehh, Sleeping Tom left for New Zealand a few days ago. And yes, we did have a good time with him on board of Alishan. Indeed a great way to get to know each other.
The last stop we made was at Phi Phi Don. A must for the younger generation. We all went for a long walk and enjoyed some of the Phi Phi dining and shopping.
Now Alishan is "back" at Nai Harn. Here to R&R , clean the boat and refill the water tanks. Still no rain since that 1 shower 1 month ago..
An extension for our Thai Visa is in the passports as we took the decision NOT to sail to the Andaman Islands.
So from here we will back-track North, maybe the Surin Islands again: Great Snorkeling and Birding.
Salute for now.

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