Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And Suddenly Alishan is in Telaga

After a few great days at Koh Rok Nok (who is there?) we had to jump away from a nasty bumpy lee-shore.
Of Course in the middle of the night.
So we let go of the mooring line and used the wind to make the miles in SE direction.
Of course the direction the wind came from.
Anyway, after 10 hours of (motor) sailing, with the last few miles @ 25 knots on the beam, we arrived
safe and sound, but sleepy at the Butang Group. Oh yes even had some dolphins playing at the bow!!
Luck was with us as we found a very healthy looking mooring buoy on the W-side of Ko Adang.
Nice and sheltered from wind, waves and swell.
Friends on sy BAVARIA who had left Rok Nok a few hours later than us, had a bumpy ride and as they opted to anchor
at the S-side of Ko Lipe...had an even more bumpy night.

The next day we moved to the N-side of Ko Lipe and yoho-yoho found an other safe and sound mooring..though 1 night we had to share it with a live-aboard dive boat. No Problems. Ko Lipe is indeed a little charm, some lay-back tourism to make it even more charming.

And now Alishan is (back) in Telaga, Langkawi.
Next week we'll move the boat and cats to Rebak as we fly "home" to Japan for a few days.


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