Tuesday, March 21, 2017

February Fun Facts part 3, Mt Raizan and early sakura.

Never get tired of hiking the trails at Mt Raizan.
So here we go....
We as in: friend Uli joined me.

 It was still wintery and cold but the weather forecast was good, so no excuse.
We parked at this spacious car-park, what is more or less at the end of the road.
And it has a super clean toilet.
Hey, this is Japan.

Clean, cleaner and cleanest Raizan water.

 Uli had to admit: It's still crisp at the top...0 C degree.
But also zero wind, magic!

 Ouch, part of this mountain road got washed away.
But repairs are being made.. it looks like a few-weeks job.

Raizan is famous for Sennyojin Temple and its amazing garden.
A must visit.

As seen in and around Sennyoji Dai-Hiouin.

And here some early sakura blossom on the sloops of Atago, 
that small hill just around the corner from Alishan.

 Fukuoka Tower is peeping from underneath.

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