Tuesday, March 7, 2017

February Fun Facts part 1

  Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Here comes a series of 4 updates 
what Alishan on the Move did and saw in February.
Yep, the coldest month of the year...
but it's also the turn-around of the winter towards spring.

 First of All, this maneki neko (fortune cat).
Found her in a display at Mamushi Onsen in Itoshima
She was hand made by a 84 year old lady.
And indeed February brought us good health and (some) fortune :-)

We had some snow the other day...
so time to enjoy a white hike!

Start of the trail to Tombo Yama

Always confusing to see oranges covered with snow..

The sign reads something like: 
Mountain, thank you for using you.....

After enough picture taking & absorbing of the scenery 
...it was down the trail..
and spearheading for that Mamushi Onsen.

Not a bad day at all.


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